About Us

Welcome aboard, with this blog I hope to educate and share my 40+ years of experience with earning extra cash, on top of working a 40 hour a week job. It’s not easy, trying to hustle up extra dollars to pay bills or to even buy a nice meal out. On average most of America’s middle class could not come up with an extra $400, should an emergency arise in between paydays, without relying on friends and families. Through this blog, we will give you some basic knowledge and helpful advice, about side money gigs that could put a little extra coin in your wallet. Every gig we that we explore will be given a score or a “Gig Factor” which is an evaluation, of suitability, safety, and income potential. Our real hope is you might consider our experiences and our expertise, we want you to be safe, but be able to look out for your family and provide for them, in a realistic manner – Cheers! Gordy