Gig Factors

In order to give you some things to think about, when you’re considering what type of Side Cash hustle you would like to pull off. We have developed a list and score system for each gig we write about on this blog. Please remember our advice is just advice and only as good as your motivation and desire to see things through.

Each area gets a score 1-10, 10 being completely awesome and 1 being very lame…. so without further ado. Here we go..

Safety – each gig has to be considered for your safety and your clients (if you have one) we will explore some issues around this.

The degree of Complexity – is a licence usually required? How about liability insurance? Do you have to travel for the gig?

Flexibility – is it a gig you can do at your leisure or when you have time? Or do you have to schedule and meet others?

Potential Niche – how saturated is the planet with what you have to offer, or are you the only one?

So a we rate and discuss future posts around certain gigs we can see scores from 4 to 40, 4 being the absolute worst and 44 being perfect.