Make Side Money Fliping Furniture

I think by far this is one of the side money hustles I like best, as my wife and I both are passionate about flipping quality old furniture. If you have some space, a vehicle to haul things and access to a few tools, this could be a really sweet gig. With a little elbow grease, you could probably earn a thousand or so a week. The Seahawk stools in this article sold for $120, the same buyer also purchased

A few vintage ladders converted as leaning quilt racks,  and $275 dollars later. I was back in the truck looking for more discoveries. My wife and I are always on the lookout for freebies, like the ladders, or rusty junk we find lying along the road (road stuff) we are junkers at heart. The stools were fetched from one of our favorite thrift stores in Tacoma Washington, with a discount of 50% off they came to $2.50 each.

We use “Seahawk Blue” a licensed NFL color by Glidden and sold by Home Depot, and some simple seat cushions, made from some recycled foam and Licensed NFL fabric. So let’s do the math, Stools $5 for the pair, paint about $7 (I buy a gallon at a time, yes I do a lot of Seahawk stuff) Fabric $10, so for $22, we flipped these bad boys on Craigslist for $120 for the pair. I recommend using licenced pro sports team colors, than can be bought at one of those big box stores. My first piece a few years ago, was done with some spray paint and was not even close, so get the exact match you’ll be happier.

One of the really cool things I get from flipping furniture, is I get to do it with my wife, she enjoys it as much as I do. I think my best advise is pick a favorite sports team in your area, and start with a few small pieces, you’ll soon want to go big! If you would like to get in on my 50+ years of knowledge and find out about future money making idea’s go ahead and sign up for my newletter, that we do once a month. I promise not to spam you or send you worthless junk. Have a good one!